Monday, March 30, 2009

Must stay awake..awake..awake..

I am switching to nights on Wednesday. Unfortunately I am still on a day schedule. I had the last week off in which I was supposed to get turned around, but kept having stupid meetings to go to during the day. So alas, two days before nights begin and I am dying to stay awake!

Today I tried to make a delicious dinner, but ended up over cooking the chicken. It came out like cardboard! Seriously my jaw got tired chewing it! Poor Joe really tried to eat it, but just couldn't do it.

Oh well, I will try again tomorrow!


Jeanne Elle said...

My husband changes shifts all the time - it's rough. He has the opposite issue - he stays awake no problem, but then has trouble falling asleep and can never get into a good sleep routine.

I hope your night shifts go well :)

Heidi said...

That is a pain in the ass, working nights. When I was working weekend option I would work nights on Friday and Saturday and then get home on Sunday and stay up all day so that I could flip my schedule back to days for the week, and then repeat the whole thing over. I did that for 2 1/2 years until I snapped!

LOLOLOL Your jaw started hurting while chewing the chicken?!?! LOL! I think we all have had our "Kitchen Mishaps" that we all don't like to think about. HAHA! I used to set the fire alarm off all of the time when i lived in indy. Good times getting that bastard to shut up. I even took the batteries out of it and it still squawked at me!