Sunday, February 1, 2009

Direct TV

Dear Direct TV:

While my husband and I lived in Nebraska, we enjoyed having your excellent satellite service. We always had a crystal clear signal and thousands of options of programs to watch. Unfortunately the Air Force decided to send us to South Korea, where you do not have service.

When we notified your company in August that we were moving due to a military move, you were so understanding. You assured us that we would not be billed the 150 dollar cancellation fee since we were cancelling due to a military move. When two weeks later we got a 150 dollar bill for cancelling our service, you only made us spend 3 hours on the phone talking with supervisor after supervisor. Eventually we were threatened with being sent to collections, so we paid it.

My husband was persistent and eventually talked with a customer service rep who reversed the charge in early September. She assured us that a check would be in the mail within two weeks. Alas, it has been nearly six months and no check.

Despite the "backup in you billing department" we have received 4 statements showing that we have a 150 dollar credit. After three phone calls to your representatives, we have been assured that the check is in the mail.

To make matters worse, almost every morning we receive a call from Direct TV trying to get us to come back. Everyday we explain that we do not live in the service area and are assured that we will be removed from the calling list.

I don't know what is more frustrating; your company holding 150 dollars of my money hostage or your company throwing it in our face that we don't have satellite television anymore.

Believe me, we would love to have your service again! We are being tortured with Korean television! It only infuriates us more to have constant calls trying to get us back when that is an impossibility at this point.

Please refund our money immediately. I think that six months is more than ample time to issue a check. In addition please stop calling us trying to get us to come back. If my husband receives one more of these calls, I fear his head may explode.

I will be sure to share with my other Air Force members the kindness and excellent service you have provided to the Airmen who are defending our country.


Angry Airman Trapped in Korea


Heidi said...

LOLOLOL! You sound like Laurie Notaro!

I would tell them that You want their service again and give them your address. Then ask them what time they will be there. HA!

The word verification is maling. Maybe them mailing your check???

Katrina said...

Okay, Okay, I figured out how to respond to comments! Heidi will be so proud!

I don't think those bastards are ever going to mail my check though!

Heidi said...

I would hound them! Make it your campaign of TERROR on your days off. Call them all day long. I would make their lives a living hell. Threatening to call the Better business Bureau always, always gets results. i have had to do this a few times. i forgot to tell you about it on the phone earlier, but I would threaten that and if they don't produce a check I would follow through with it and you WILL get your money!

And yes, I am so proud!