Thursday, February 12, 2009

Come on People!!

I think that the tv conversion fiasco is a social commentary
about the ability of Americans to plan.

For over a year we were told that the tv conversion would take place
early this year. An entire year of hearing commercials to get a
converter box, get a coupon for the converter box, buy a new tv...and so
on. But now the date has arrived and somehow after a year of warnings
the public is blindsided by the news that their analogue television set
will no longer work.

Then people are complaining about the money it will cost to buy a
converter box. Seriously?? The cheapest converter box I found was about
50 dollars. With the coupon you can get giving you 40 dollars off, the
box will cost you 10 bucks. Do you mean to tell me that in an entire
year, you can't scrape together 10 dollars?

What the hell is wrong with people. They are whining the government
needs to provide them with the converter box. Why doesn't the
government also step in and provide them with a 42" plasma tv and a 3
bedroom house to watch it in?


Kameron said...


Heidi said...

I agree! People will find anything to bitch about! They have changed the conversion date about 3 times now and the rebates that they are giving for the converters are pretty damned good!

I bitched to the government about it and all I got was a 4 bedroom house with a 60 inch Plasma T.V. with a maid. But the bastards didn't give me the converter! HAHAHAHAHA!