Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Waste Report

Right now there is a package of hamburger that has gone bad in my refrigerator. It was only 2.00 b/c it was in the reduced bin at the commissary, but still it was wasteful. Last Sunday I took it out of the freezer with the intent of making a meatloaf. It was defrosted when I came home from work on Monday, but I was so tired I didn't make it.

Then Tuesday Joe picked me up and had got Burger King for us, yummy! So I didn't make the meatloaf.

Wednesday I had the day off so I had fully intended on making meatloaf, but didn't do it.

Now, Thursday, I am afraid of the meat. It has kind of turned a funny brown color. SCARY!

Normally I would just toss it out and move on with my life, but today I am realizing how much we waste. Joe and I are pretty awful when it comes to food. We will make a meal and never eat the left overs. Nearly every time I open the fridge I find various foods in different stages of the decay process.

And it is not just food, we buy a lot of things that we never use. For instance Joe and I bought a baby carrier that was supposed to be a little backpack carrier. After one trip Joe said it was the most uncomfortable thing to wear, and Jordy hated it. So we never use it. Thank goodness it was only cost 20 dollars.

So I would like to keep a weekly update of all the things and money we have wasted.

This week:

  1. 1lb hamburger meat- 2.00
  2. Portable Crib (couldn't find mattress that fit it- wondering if I should spend additional $ to have mattress shipped here, or just stash it away and not use it, or sell it)- 50.00
  3. Bedding for the Crib- 54.00
  4. Accidently turned the heat up too high and had to open all the windows b/c we were roasting- Unknown $
Well that is all I can think of this week (so far), but that totals at least 110 bucks!

Maybe next week will be better.


Kameron said...

I know how you feel. We are so bad with the food waste. If I don't take it to work for lunch, the leftovers sit and rot until Monday night because Tuesday is trash day. I don't know how much money we waste on food every month, but it is ridiculous. I think I need to learn to make smaller portions so we don't have leftovers. Oh, and thanks for being so frank about the word goal. i think i am officially done with it. It is to the point where it pisses me off and it's no longer a goal it's a task!