Friday, August 8, 2008

No TV??!

So in preparation of getting ready to go to Korea, we are shutting things off.

First to go was the house phone (but you can still call the same number- we got Vonage!). Getting rid of the house phone wasn't painful since we had vonage, and we still had cell phones.

Now the next step, cancelling Direct TV. Now this one is gonna hurt. The official day is August 10th. The countdown begins. Joe has already started staying up nearly 24 hours a day to watch tv nonstop.

I am kind of looking forward to a life without television. There was one week when we lived in California that I demanded we not watch tv for one week. I remember that week as so much fun- Joe and I did all kinds of fun things; played cards, listened to old CDs, and the most exciting thing was we talked! Joe looks back on that week as one of the worst weeks ever! He is such a couch potato!

After the tv goes off we have to mail back the boxes. I am sure Joe will dress in black and say a small eulogy. I will try to capture the moment on film for everyone to enjoy.

This afternoon we have some people coming to see the place. Hopefully they will like it. I think it would actually be perfect for them as they need daycare for their daughter and there is one right across the street. Also the wife works for a local business right down the street. Hopefully we can dazzle them into taking it!


Kameron said...

I suggested a week of no TV to my husband, just to have a break from the beast we're chained to and he looked at me like I had 2 heads! It is now my own personal mission instead.