Saturday, August 9, 2008

Four Thousand Dollars!!

Yesterday while at work I got an urgent page from Joe. Since he hardly ever pages me at work, I immediately called back.

He said that a UPS man showed up at the house with an URGENT Letter for me. Since it was so URGENT he opened it. Inside the envelope was a check for 4 thousand dollars made out to me!

Joe was all excited!

I said to shred the check! There is no way that I am randomly gonna get a check for that amount without expecting it.

Then I remembered earlier in the day I got an email from "Eric Johnson" saying "you should have received my check by now." I just deleted it and thought it was junk mail.

My mom and Joe did some investigating. They called the bank the check was from. They said the routing number was bad. They said there were several checks floating around like this.

When I got home I got another email for "Eric Johnson", Here is what it said:

Hello ,
how are you doing today ? am glad to inform you that the payment as now been delivered to you Via ups....
All you have to now is now is go ahead and have the payment cashed and take off your own money fior the Item and have the remaining balance send to my Shipper today Via Money Gram money transfer. and don't forget to take deduct the transfer charges before sending the money.
Below is the Information you are to send the money to...

I wrote back instructing him to fornicate himself with a metal pole.

This is obviously a scam. I hope that everyone who reads this will not fall for such a scam.

I actually saw it on Oprah about a year ago, and while I was working in Valentine there was some girl who fell for it. The scam is they send you a check. Then you deposit it, and wire some money back to them. After they get their money, your bank tells you that the check didn't clear and you owe them the money, plus any returned check fees.

It is really sad that someone would do this!


Anonymous said...

I posted an ad and got this type of response, only I have actually been emailing back and forth with the person, they are using the name Rob Thomas.

Kyle Fletch said...

I got the samething, only I had some fun with him. It even got to the point of him calling me. In the end I told him that the FBI had issued a warrent for my arrest for cashing a stolen check.

Anonymous said...

I had a listing on Craig's list and this is the exact e-mail that I received. Cashier's check showing Broome Community College in Binghamton, NY, UPS package came from Chris Thomas, and e-mails coming from Steve Dane. He Wanted me to put the cashier's check into my account and send his movers (Christopher Cajumban, Rosemead, CA 91770) $900 via Western Union on the same day it was deposited. Apparently they think everyone is stupid. You send them cash and then the cashier's check comes back bad leaving you out the $900 you sent Western Union. I plan to report this to the bank and everyone else I can on Monday. Glad you wrote this blog to warn everyone. I googled the name because I thought it was fishy!!! I am in Arkansas and he is wanting his mover to come from Rosemead CA--What the crap?