Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Valentine Saga Continues

The clinic schedule has been pretty light. Yesterday morning I only saw two patients. The afternoon was better, I saw 6.

Today I have two scheduled for the morning.
I feel like they keep trying to get me to take more call. The call here is home call, covering the ER. Sometimes it is completely dead, sometimes it is really busy. It makes me pretty nervous to cover the ER since I have never done this before. Also in this dinky hospital there isn't a lot of services available, so it is not like I can call Ortho and they come rushing in to save the day. I would have to call a helicopter and get the patient on it and fly them two hours away to get to Ortho!!
The first time I am on call is next week. I hope it goes well. I am pretty nervous about it already.

Joe is looking into getting internet at the apartment. I am really lost without it. Joe is pretty bored. I can tell because every night when I get home from work he wants to go for a walk. He never wants to go for walks in Omaha! When I talked to one of the people at work about Joe's boredom, his solution was "you know Valentine has a lot of really nice walking places." I find it amusing that the big form of entertainment is walking.

Here is some random man walking.