Monday, May 5, 2008

Valentine Nebraska

So as part of my residency requirements for graduation we have to do two months of rural medicine. Mine is scheduled for May & June in a small town called Valentine. It is in northwestern Nebraska. A town of 3,000 people. The nearest Walmart is 3 hours away!

Our neighbors Geoffrey & Erin went to this place before us so told us the scoop. They made it sound just awful. A town out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around....they were right.

The trip started out poorly with Joe getting a speeding ticket in a small town called Basset just to the south of Valentine. Turns out 2 other residents got tickets in that same town. The town is so small that the speeding incident is reported in their local paper!

When we got to Valentine we were shocked. We knew it was a small town, but we didn't know it was a SMALL TOWN!! There is one grocery store, a gas station, a McDonalds, a tiny hospital, and lots of hunting and fishing places. The only place we found that was open on Sunday was a Dollar Store.

The place we are staying at is an older apartment. It is nice, but very dusty. My allergies went into hyperdrive as soon as I entered the door.

Poor Joe is bored to death. He brought his Playstation 3 up, but can't connect it to the old tv in the apartment b/c it is set to work on a High Def TV. We plan to drive home this weekend and get more stuff since there are many things they don't have here.

Only two more months to go....