Friday, May 16, 2008


This is the apartment building we are staying in. 

So I have been trying out lots of themes for my blog...not sure if I really like any of them.  I guess I will just continue to change it until I find one that fits...

Last night I was on call. Nothing too exciting, although I did admit a lady with boils all over her body. Not really sure why she is getting them. They are nasty though- I am waiting on the surgeon to drain them. They are too big to do bedside Incision and drainage.

This weekend we are going to a "branding".  Apparently this is when a ton of people get together and brand their little cows, excuse me, I meant calfs.  And I have also learned that you don't ask people how many cows they have, you instead inquire as to the number of head of cattle the have.  

People here think it is quite comical how clueless I am about ranching.  People saw they "ranch" like everyone knows what that means...  I have never been on a ranch so it is quite new to me!

Joe is doing good....well as good as he can be. He is pretty bored during the day. Jordy is doing great.  He is always busy and into things.  He is growing up so fast I can't beleive it.