Saturday, May 31, 2008

Family Day at the Lake

Joe and I had the afternoon  off together, so I decided it was time to get out and see the sights.  I bought two kites from the Alco (the only store in the area) and we went out to fly them.  

There is a place called Merrit Dam and it is about 30 miles out of Valentine. We loaded up Jordy and were off on an adventure.  The drive was very pretty, well I enjoyed it. For some reason Joe gets claustrophobic with all that wide open space....he's weird. 

After we drove for a while, we realized we were really hungry and forgot to bring any snacks. As we were eyeing Jordy's bottle of milk we spyed a bait shop and stopped and got some waters. I really wanted ice cream, but I am still on Operation Stork Attack, so I stayed with the water.

We drove around to the water and looked around.  Jordy had just woke up from a nap and was pretty crabby.  He started to warm up when we assembled the kites and started to fly them.

I put together Joe's Transformers kite first.  Under his expert tutilage I was able to fly it right into a tree within 4 minutes flat.  

We abandoned that kite.  The peanuts kite was our last resort. This time I refused to fly it near the shore. We flew it in the parking lot.   This was much better since there were no trees to catch it, but when the kite would whirl around Jordy would get scared.   Joe took over the reins of the kite to show me his "skills" which amounted to dive bombing the kite into the pavement repeatedly.  We grew weary of kite flying and decided to move on to other things.

We walked around near the dock. Jordy was pretty interested in the water.  Joe was terrififed we would drop him in.  I did manage to get some good pics of Joe and Jordy on the dock, but I still look like a beached whale in  my pics with the cutie pie!

After playing around at the dock, Joe found a tick on my shoulder. I was pretty grossed out and Joe was disgusted.  We got the hell out of there...there are really bugs out there!!  I tried to act like it was no big deal b/c Joe goes to pieces over bugs, but I was really freaked out.  

We drove back to town and went to Pizza Hut.  Jordy did good throughout the meal, smiling and flirting with all the ladies in the restaurant.

After dinner we came home, took a nap, and then went to the gym- with a Jordy.  He was pretty good most of the time. I did cardio first, while Joe did weights. Then we switched. Things were looking pretty good until I let Jordy crawl around on the gym floor. His legs slid much faster than his arms could keep up and he nose dived into the floor. He screamed so loud- thank god we were the only people at the gym.  I comforted Jordy, while insisting that Joe finish his workout...  we survived the trip to the gym!  I was so proud we did it, since I much would have preferred staying home.


Helga said...

What a busy day, pretty soon Jordy will be working out with you two at the gym!

Helga said...

What a fun day for Jordy! soon he'll be working out at the gym with you two.