Wednesday, April 9, 2008



In late October we got a new computer, with the only available OS being Vista. We forged forth with the new purchase, since we needed the computer. We had no idea we would hate it so much.

Not only is Vista difficult to use, asking us constantly if we are sure we want to do is destroying everything!

To the right you will see a fine example of it's picture editing quality! I have hundreds of pictures ruined beyond all repair. I have no idea why it does this! But I have figured out that the more I open the pictures, the more they are destroyed.

Poor Joe has spent countless hours on the phone with the HP people explaining the problem. They can not possibly entertain the notion that something must be faulty with their product, they are sure it must be the camera. When I explain that three different cameras have been must be the photo card...when we explain that it downloads to other computers without difficulty they are sure it must be us. We must be retarded.

In addition to the picture fiasco- which to those that know me, this is a HUGE deal!! WE also had to buy a new printer since Vista is not compatable with ours.

Finally we got a Mac. So far all is good. No destroyed pictures. Maybe we will have a few pictures of Jordan that won't get destroyed after all.