Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Again

After one hellish week in San Antonio doing some military training....I am home at last. My little Jordy was happy to see me! He was asleep when Joe picked me up, and when he woke up he got a huge smile on his little face!

The C4 (Combat Casualty Care Course) Course wasn't too bad, but I am glad it is done! I feel bad for the guys that are doing it later in the year, since it will be roasting hot. We had to sleep in tents with about 10 strangers with no air conditioning on these nasty little cots. In addition to the lovely accomodations (including toilets with no walls around them) we had to do a lot of manual labor and hiking around the mountains while carrying heavy packs. And when that became old, they had us wear our gas masks as well. Every muscle in my body was aching by the time we were done. I was so glad to come home.