Sunday, May 16, 2010

Atlantis Shuttle Launch

On Friday was the Atlantis Shuttle's last launch. Since I had the afternoon off, Joe and I decided to head up to Cape Canaveral (about 30 minutes away) and watch it.

We went to my work team's monthly lunch first. It was at a Japanese resteraunt. So after loading up on soy sauce and plenty of salt, we headed up there. We made it just in time to see the shuttle launch.

It was an amazing thing to see! So much smoke, noise, power!

All that amazement lasted about 15 minutes...then it took us 2 hours to drive back to the base to pick up Jordan from day care.

Unfortunately it was in bumper to bumper traffic. There were people everywhere! Just when we were in the middle of wall to wall traffic, the soy sauce hit us. We were so thirsty! There was no where to was miserable. Finally we did find a McDonalds, thank God for McDonalds!

Overall, it was amazing to see the shuttle launch, but it was miserable getting back. I would recommend watching on TV!


Kindra said...

What a cool experience though. I mean, sometimes some things are better on tv, but hey, you can always say it's something you did!!
Hey, how you feeling? How much longer?