Monday, February 1, 2010

Jordan's Turning into talker!!

Jordan has learned so much in the past week!!

This week he learned to say "hot" rather than just blowing on stuff! This week he also started doing the elephant noise. He also knows what a sheep and a cow say. And now he knows the name of our dog, Pezzy, but he says what sounds like Pissy.

He also learned the word Pushing, but it sounds exactly like- and this is my personal favorite b/c it is so hilarious to hear- Pussy!! So funny! We were worried when we went to church this week and he was in the day care that we would be told he was a potty mouth when we got him back!!

That is another development...we have gone to church for the past three weeks! Shocking I know!! We hadn't been for the last four years! I think we found a church that we like. There is just one guy in the choir that irritates us, otherwise the pastor is great.

Joe built me plantar boxes for my garden this year. I am pretty excited about them, and hope I don't kill everything that I touch. Joe calls me Dr. Brown Thumb. I read a book called about Square Foot Gardening, and got inspired. They made it sound so easy....We will see how it goes.

Joe's sister Charis moved in with us in January. She is supposed to be working at Chili's starting pretty soon. She is getting pretty bored sitting around the house. I love having her here! She is so helpful with Jordy and does the dishes and cooks sometimes too!

We have been working on the house a lot! We got the living room almost all done! I got my family photo wall all done, and Joe and Charis are painting the rest of the room! I love all the colors- all earth tones!


Kameron said...

Nate was saying Pussy too! We were talking about someone's bushy hair and he kept saying pussy hair. i was like, great, people are going to think my kid's a perve!

Oh, I did the squarefoot gardening last year for the first time. We should shat before you go plating as some of the veggies neede dmore room that that jerk said they did! I might be able to save you some irritation too as far as what you plant next to eachother. We had some mishaps with that too!

angela said...

Your house looks so pretty! And I'm happy to hear that he is talking more! It's so hard to wait so long to hear them speak; trust me, I know. But it makes you appreciate it even more!!