Sunday, March 15, 2009

Only two more days...

Only two more days and we are off to Guam! We are going for vacation. I can't wait!

I plan to sit on my butt and get a tan (although hopefully not skin cancer). There are a few things I want to see there, but mostly I am excited for American stores and resteraunts! Guam is a US territory and has tons of great stuff. Although it does not have a Best Buy, much to Joe's dismay, they do have a Kmart.


Kameron said...

Have fun! It will be nice to get out of there for a bit, won't it!! I couldn't hang with living somewhere that didn't have things I was used to. It was bad enough moving to the east coast!!

Added Entry said...

Don't forget Ross at GPO in Tamuning. The selection varies but it is always fun. And the best place for a new suitcase if you buy too much. Other places are cheaper and so is the quality.

Macy's is at the Micronesia Mall. If they have a sale, then add discounts, it can add up to some good prices for the careful shopper. If you see people with "special discount coupons" put on your sad face and the clerks will give you one, works for me.

K-Mart is open 24/7. They probably have the best prices for liquid refreshments too.

Guam has a night market on Wednesday at the Chamorro Village in Hagatna. Fab food cooked on the grill. Shopping too.

It's Chamorro month in March so you will see local decorations in the shopping malls and some stores.

We are quite proud of the new stateside restaurants that have opened on Guam. Chili's and Hooters opened last week. Ruby Tuesday has been open for a year. And Lone Star has just celebrated its 10th (I think it was) anniversary. Plus we have lots of small local 1-2-3 choice restaurants. Hotel prices can add up fast.

If you want to see any local books -- go to Faith Book Store in Hagatna next to McDonald's in Hagatna. They have the largest selection of Guam and Pacific materials. Plus a nice local video for about $20. 10% discount on Guam books this month, for Chamorro month. And if you like snacks and cookies (Otap) from the Philippines -- SM Mart across the street and down a little in the Agana Shopping Center has a good selection. And PI gifts too.

Heidi said...

Well that sounds like fun! Don't get fried..remember the last time we got fried?!?!? Took me weeks to get over that and the weeping edema in my legs! GROSS!

Poor Joe, K-mart just isn't the same, but at least they have some electronics!

Heidi said...

Oh, I forgot! You have to see this: