Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jordan @ 18 months

Jordan is 18 months old! It is amazing how fast it has gone by! It seems like just yesterday he was a little fleshy blob that we brought home from the hospital, and now he is a big boy!

At his well baby visit, he was at the 97th percentile for height, 60th for weight! I don't know how Joe and I produced such a tall little guy!

Jordy is so busy all the time. It seems like we spend our days chasing him around and cleaning up after him. Within minutes of stepping into a clean house Jordan will take all the pots out of the cupboard, roll the trash can across the room, throw all the pillows off the couch, dump water all over the floor, it goes on and on... Heaven forbid there is folded laundry nearby- it is instantly all over the floor, unfolded...

Right now Jordan is fascinated with the TV. He stands really close to it, then when something exciting happens he screams and hits the TV. It drives Joe nuts. He is sure that this will be the demise of the TV. So on the advice of Dr. Burns (pediatrician) we are trying to distract him. So as soon as he does it, we jump up, run and get him and go into another room. Once in the other room we say, "Don't hit". Then we wait 30 seconds, put him down in the other room, and move on.

A few times he has gone right back to the TV, reached out his hand while watching us to see our reaction. Then a few days ago, he hit the TV again! I pounced on him like a panther! Snatching him up and into the other room we went. I swatted his little butt, put him in his bed, and walked out of the room....then once out of sight , I burst into tears.

Joe came over and told me I did the right thing. If Jordan learns now that our rules mean nothing we will have hell to pay later, he told me.

I went back into the room and scooped him up. He sniffled as he hugged me. We came back out to the living room and sat down. He didn't go near the TV.