Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Go Here!

This isn't actually the kid, the real kid was much bigger. I found this on the internet
apparently this practice is common in a lot of places...

Today Joe, Jordy, and I went grocery shopping. On the way back from the commisary, we drove out the main gate of the base to the main street of in Songtan. As we were driving down the street there was a kid about 10years old standing with his mother at the bus stop.

From down the street as we were driving towards him, it looked like he was pouring something out. When we got close I realized, and saw everything, that he was peeing right into the street!! I screamed and pointed.

Now remember this is a busy street, there are tons of people walking up and down the street, cars driving by...tons of people everywhere! There is also a big building right behind him with an alley that I am sure would have been a much more private place to do his business...but no, he decided to just go there.

Joe said several other people have told him this is common practice, even for women! This is the first I have seen of it, and was floored. I actually saw his "junk"!!


Kameron said...

I imagine you are scarred for life now! That is too funny. The scarier thought is a woman doing that!

Heidi said...

Hell I do that all the time. I do the "walking frog" like Gryphon when I take a shit though. Time is money! Gotta keep walking!

Heidi said...

HAPPPPYY anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!