Saturday, July 26, 2008


Okay so this last week has sucked.

The people who agreed to rent our house are having problems with the lady we hired to be the property manager. I keep getting calls of the she said, he said variety. Finally the people backed out b/c they can not work with our property manager and they were making a big deal over wording in the lease agreement. So they are out. I was up last night worried about finding new people. I got it listed on two websites and put up fliers around base temporary housing. Hopefully we will get someone in time.

The homeowner's association meeting was last night and apparently the builder of our complex has or is about to file for bankruptcy and will no longer be completing the units in our complex. There are several units (over 20) that are empty and they are possibly going to sell that at drastically reduced pricing- bring down our property value. Bottom line we may never be able to sell this place. We weren't really planning on that anytime soon- but it is bad news anyways.

On Monday the movers are coming to get the stuff for Korea. We have spent much of the last week getting that pile of stuff together. I have no idea how much itweighs, but hopefully that pile will be less than 2400lbs or else we will have to pay for some of it to be shipped.