Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jordy 11 months old!!

I can't beleive that Jordan is already 11 months old! It has gone by so fast, I feel like we hardly got to enjoy him as a baby... He runs around the house and picks up interesting things, and carries them around until he finds something else interesting, he then leaves the old item right there and picks up the new item with fervor. He then will wander around babbling excitedly. We call him the collector.

Operation Stork Attack has lost some of it's gusto. I did manage to lose, and maintain a 5 lb weight loss. Things sadly though, are not the same. I need to get motivated again. Here I am with my friend who works for the Bellevue police department. I couldn't get my hair right that day...

The movers came and took our stuff to Korea, we still have some stuff in our house, but not much. The movers will come again at the end of August and take all the remaining stuff to storage. We still need to find someone to rent our place...hopefully someone will want it.


Kameron said...

You are too much! When I first got onto the page I was wondering what the heck that picture was for! Congrats on making it almost a year of mommyhood! I hope you enoy Korea.

Stephensens Rock said...

That picture is Hillarious.
I'm reading your blog (thanks for the invite) and Laughing my head off!
You are such a funny writer.