Monday, May 12, 2008

Back in Valentine....alone

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Joe woke me up at 6am to get on the road to drive back to Valentine. No, we weren't that excited to go back! Joe just wanted to make sure that he made it back in time to see the Lakers get clobbered by the Utah Jazz. Then he was upset for the rest of the evening!

After getting up so early I took a nap once we got there. I got woken up by one of the Charge Nurses calling to let me know that one of the doctors who works in the hospital was having surgery, and the other was out of town on a family emergency. Since there are only two doctors that are staff here- that leaves me! She started asking if I was comfortable doing C-sections alone. I told her no.

It is a bit scary being all alone. I am praying for the safety of everyone in this town!

I heard that the other doctor should be back this evening or early tomorrow- so I only have to hold down the fort for a few more hours.


Anonymous said...

Yes, well...we have complete confidence in you.

Carrie the WardClerk who set you up on a blind date for a branding. Good luck!