Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Day at Work...But Better

Today I am at the med center once again. This time for happier business- I am inducing one of my favorite pregos. It is already 4pm and she was 3cm one hour ago. Hopefully this will be done and over with in a few hours...I can't wait to see the little baby!

I was here all day from 7am till now. I worked on getting my stuff in order for Korea. The Korean Consulate said that Joe and Jordy need to have visas to stay there. Before I can get the visas, I need to have my orders done. Before I can get orders done, I need to jump through all sorts of hoops from the military. I still have two remaining anthrax shots (the last one still hurts!), dental screening, 9mm training, and countless other things to do. It seems like they would make this process a little easier since tons of people in the military do this all the time. I wish they would just give me a list in logical order of what to do. So far for this process I get random tidbits from the other guys that are going.

Thankfully we still have a little time to get all this done.

We are off to California this Thursday. This will be a short trip, just the 24th-28th. We are going for Joe's mom & stepdad's anniversary party. They have been married for 25 years, and apparently still like eachother enough to celebrate this milestone. In this day and age it is quite remarkable to stay married to someone that long and still tolerate eachother! I hope that Joe and I fare as well.

Jordy is as cute as ever. It is hard to be away from him for so long while I am at work. Two days ago he pulled himself up to standing while I was sitting on the couch. I then picked him up and sat him next to me on the couch, which then prompted him to roll off the couch- I barely caught him before his head hit the deck. Joe also did a dive across the room to get him. Jordy thought it was hilarious with a full on laughing fit! He is so much fun!


Julie said...

PULLING HIMSELF UP TO STANDING??? Oh my word! Is this kid going to be a gymnast or something? What next? His floor routine and a round on the pommel horse? Good luck with the military paperwork. It is endless. My favorite is... nope, can't do anything for you. You needed to see _____ *fill in the blank with someone who is in a different office far, far away.