Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bored @ Work

So I am on this nice easy rotation, Allergy, and I am planning on having every weekend off...but then I realized that the Chief Residents decided to trash one weekend by making me be on call.

Now it is Sunday and I have been sitting in the residents lounge for two hours bored to death. I guess it is easier than being busy though. To make things worse, I forgot my ID badge and can't get in or out of the lounge without someone to let me back in. So that means no wandering to the cafeteria until the Intern I am on with gets through rounding on patients.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Shannon. We went to the mall in search of a dress for Joe's parent's anniversary party coming up at the end of this month. I bought three dresses, two of which Joe immediately vetoed. The third luckily worked out. The whole experience made me realize I really need to start hitting the gym, or at least stop hitting the cafeteria- maybe forgetting my ID badge was a good thing. It was rather depressing to see my jiggly-self in those dressing room mirrors, which are not at all forgiving! It is almost like they put super enlarging mirrors with bad fluorescent lighting in there to make you feel awful about yourself as you leave. They might as well sign people up for weight watchers on their way out! I seriously felt like a bohemuth!

It seemed like winter was over here...but alas it snowed again yesterday! Joe was about to explode he was so mad! We are really sick of the snow.

Our friends Brad & Carrie sold their house, getting ready to go to Georgia. Other people in my class are getting ready to move too. I am glad we have another two months go get things figured out. Moving to Korea is no small feat I am discovering. We have so much to do. I am trying to sort through things and sell them or get rid of them. It is quite an overwhelming process- which is interupted mosf of the time by having to go to work!

Tomorrow I am taking tons of books to Half Price Books to see how much they will give me. I am hoping for a pretty penny!